Mask wearing by the general public is dangerous & helps SPREAD infections.
All the clinical studies carried out between 1946 & May 2020, came to the same conclusion.
Masks don't work & are potentially harmful.
A 2015 large Randomized Control Trial found that cloth masks, which most people wear these days to "protect" against COVID19 infection, actually SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE the risk of airborne viral respiratory infections!
This study found that, due to moisture retention, reuse, and poor filtration, cloth masks INCREASE the risk of airborne infections 13 TIMES in healthcare workers compared to standard practice, which includes a mixed group of workers with & without masks.
Note what this 2015 RCT study found about particle penetration through masks.
Cloth masks let 97% of particles through, while medical masks transmit 44% of particles, which is still high & can cause infection, but it's much less than cloth masks.
Cloth masks are USELESS & HARMFUL