Australia has the most severe lockdowns in the world.

All for a virus with a 1 in 100,000 odds of dying.

They have military all over the roads in Victoria, they can enter your house whenever they want to, you can only leave your house for one hour per day to exercise (reminds me of prison).

They can knock on your door and demand a test, and you cannot refuse. Plus, you get paid $300 just to accept the test. Coming soon, mandatory masks in your home.

All for a virus that has killed 266 people in a country of 25 million.

Chances of dying from various causes in Australia:

CAUSE OF DEATH / odds of dying

Heart Disease and Cancer 1 in 7

Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease 1 in 28

Intentional Self-harm 1 in 95

Unintentional Poisoning by and Exposure to Noxious Substances 1 in 96

Motor Vehicle Crash 1 in 114

Fall 1 in 127

Assault by Firearm 1 in 370

Car Occupant 1 in 645

Pedestrian Incident 1 in 647

Motorcycle Rider Incident 1 in 985

Unintentional Drowning and Submersion 1 in 1,188

Exposure to Fire, Flames or Smoke 1 in 1,498

Choking from Inhalation and Ingestion of Food 1 in 3,461

Pedacyclist Incident 1 in 4,486

Firearms Discharge 1 in 6,905

Air and Space Transport Incidents 1 in 9,821

Exposure to Electric Current, Radiation, Temperature and Pressure 1 in 15,212

Exposure to Excessive Natural Heat 1 in 16,584

Contact with Sharp Objects 1 in 38,174

Contact with Heat and Hot Substances 1 in 56,992

Contact with Hornets, Wasps and Bees 1 in 63,225

Cataclysmic Storm 1 in 66,335

COVID 1 in 100,000

Being Bitten or Struck by a Dog 1 in 112,400

Legal Execution 1 in 119,012

Lightning Strike 1 in 161,856

The entire economy destroyed, elderly dying alone, weddings cancelled, loved ones separated, soaring depression and suicide rates.

All for a virus with odds of dying similar to being attacked by a dog.

It used to be believed that governments were a form of creeping totalitarianism, gradually eroding freedoms over time, tightening the noose.

The mask has been removed and the beast revealed.

Heaven help us!

/ Uppfångat i flödet