96% of the World's Media is Controlled by six companies.

The public has been programmed by the Media to regard the government as the truth-teller and those who expose government crimes as “conspiracy theorists.”

The so called "conspiracy theorists" are actually the truth-tellers who are trying to inform you that you have been misinformed.

It's a good idea to examine the evidence and then decide for yourself!
Think Outside the Beast System and think for yourself!

TV / NEWS / MEDIA is nothing but PROGRAMMING. Governmental Programming (Mental Governing).

Whether you believe this is a real ‘virus’ or not, the fact remains, the mortality rate for “Covid-19” is less than 1%. (According to the ‘authorities’ you trust so much.) Less than 1% - even though they have been listing every death as a COVID death!!!

CDC August 26, 2020 Update:

Only 6% of total COVID-19 recorded deaths are attributed to ‘COVID-19’.  94% died of other causes.

Of 852,210 COVID-19 deaths worldwide, only 51,132 were COVID-19 deaths according to CDC.
51,132 is 0.00073% of 7 Billion.

If you can’t see there is an Agenda behind this,
then shame on you!!!

This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

Will the MSMedia report this? No. They’ll deny it, and the “FactCheckers” will ‘debunk’ it.

This ‘Pandemic’ is Smoke and Mirrors to hide a much deeper AGENDA!!!

The purpose and narrative of ‘COVID-19’ is  MANDATORY VACCINATIONS and DEPOPULATION and MARTIAL LAW and 5G and the NEW WORLD ORDER and they are all connected and are part of AGENDA 2030.


Don’t follow the herd, don’t take the Blue Pill and stay asleep, don’t believe everything you are told, don’t be an ORDER FOLLOWER (which means doing what you are told to do, without judging for yourself whether or not the action you are being ordered to carry out is Right or Wrong.)

If you are a MEDIA-BELIEVER and an ORDER FOLLOWER, then YOU are giving power to the tyrants that rule over us, YOU are SUPPORTING the SYSTEM!

The System is Mystery Babylon and if you support the System then you have accepted the Mark of the Beast mentally, and the physical mark is coming at WARPSPEED!

If this all seems CRAZY to you (because you believe ABC, CNN, CBS, FOX, NBC, Local News, the Medical Mafia, your Government, Social Media), then you MUST  (please try to) understand that you are DECEIVED.

It will not hurt to spend some time doing some research!


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